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Project Management

Management structure and procedures

a) Project management
The coordinator of the project is Mr. Courtney Hough, General Secretary of EATIP. As well as participating in more than 20 European projects, he has been the coordinator of 5 European projects - notably 2 Coordinating/Support Actions, PROFET and PROFET POLICY, which are 2 projects that have high relevance to this specific proposal.

To guarantee an effective follow-up of the project, the best operation of the work planned (including respect for the task schedule and deliverable dates), the management of the project will be operated at four levels:
1. overall project management,
2. preparation of methodology/follow-up/surveillance
3. workshop organisation
4. developing action plans

One work package is dedicated only to project management where the main tasks covered are to:
Liaise with the European Commission on administrative and technical matters;
•  Coordinate the development of the methodological aspects required by the project;
•  Coordinate, supervise and control the quality of the technical work through the lead of the Project Management and Finance Committee set up for this project management structure - see below;
•  Coordinate the promotion, communication and dissemination actions of the platform;
•  Monitor the administrative and reporting aspects of the project;
•  Ensure that the project runs smoothly according to initial planning, and propose corrective measures, should the need arise.

AquaInnova management will be based on the establishment of three coordination committees:

b) Project Management and Finance Committee (PMFC)
This committee will coordinate the work of the other committees, and thus all project activities, and the finances of the project. It will be chaired by the project coordinator, Mr. Courtney Hough (EATIP), and include appropriate representatives from the EATIP Board and membership.

EATIP - Coordinator/General Secretary - Courtney Hough
EATIP - Chairman - Gustavo Larrazábal
SINTEF EATIP - Treasurer - Torgeir Edvardsen
EAS - Chair PPC - Alistair Lane
Eurofish - Chair WPC - Anca Sfetcovici
AquaTT - Knowledge Management - David Murphy

The PMFC will have all project decision-making powers and decision will be taken by simple majority of the committee, either at meetings or by other communication means.

The PMFC will oversee all work packages and be responsible for all communication with the Commission services. In particular, it will:

•  Check consistency with the other committee work and reports.
•  Collect individual cost statements for project activities. Respect the accepted project costs and negotiate with the Commission in case of modification.
•  Compile interim, final and financial reports and deliver them to the Commission.

Should any deviation from the description of work arise, the PMFC will be responsible for deciding and monitoring the actions required for the good implementation of the project; if this extends to persons or third parties not fulfilling their project commitments, the PMFC will have powers to adjust tasks and resources to ensure that the contractual obligations are fulfilled.

c) Workshop Programme Coordination Committee (WPC)
This Committee, to be chaired by Ms. Anca Sfetcovici of Eurofish, will oversee all work packages that are related to workshop organisation and be responsible for their implementation. In particular, it will draw up a planning of workshop timing, location and agreements - with local partner organisations, should this be the case. It will also provide terms of reference for the organisation of workshops, as well as templates and guidelines for abstracts and presentations.

Eurofish - Chair WPC - Anca Sfetcovici
EATIP - Coordinator/Gen Sec - Courtney Hough
EATIP - EATIP Assistant - Catherine Pons
EAS - EAS President - Selina Stead
AquaTT - General Manager - David Murphy

The WPC will also be responsible for nominating workshop chairs and rapporteurs, and will build the scope, objectives and programme with the local organisers. Harmonisation of the programmes and avoidance of undesirable overlap will be the committee’s task in this respect.

d) Project Publications Committee
This committee will be responsible for overseeing the structure, content and preparation of all publications emanating from the project, including: The technical leaflets Documentary compilations for workshops Website content Newsletters Press releases

This Committee will be chaired by Mr. Alistair Lane of the European Aquaculture Society, who was responsible for the Work packages on the preparation of Summary Technical Leaflets on Community RTD projects on aquaculture in Aquaflow, Profet and Profet Policy and who coordinated the IMPACT FISH and CONSENSUS initiatives.

EAS - Chairman - Alistair Lane
AquaTT - Office Manager - Erin McVeigh-Smith
Eurofish - Publications Manager - Behnan Thomas
EATIP - Project Assistant - Francesca Margiotta

This Support Action is co-ordinated by the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP), using its Board of Directors for guidance, the personnel of the EATIP Secretariat and selected expert individuals from different organisations that are members of the platform, acting as third parties within the context of the project.