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International Cooperation WG

INCO Working Group Meeting
Brussels, 7 June 2016

The International Cooperation Working Group met on the second day of the Annual General Meeting (7th June)  to review progress on a range of actions that have been addressed, such as:
• ASEAN, included the presentation of the EURASTIP Proposal 
• Additional cooperation opportunities

View the presentation made by Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos, Chairman of the INCO WG.

A meeting was organised by the Working Group "International Cooperation" of the EATiP at De Doelen Congress Center in Rotterdam on the 22nd October 2015 in the framework of the Aquaculture Europe conference.

The meeting of the INCO WG follows the decision of the EATiP Board to discuss the following items:

  • Potential response to a call for proposals for 'Reinforcing international cooperation on sustainable aquaculture production with countries from South-East Asia' and related actions
  • EATiP-GFCM cooperation actions (through Memorandum of Understanding agreed with GFCM/FAO)
  • Participation and scope of an EU Mission to Brazil in November 2015, including aquaculture within the Bioeconomy
  • Progress in US-Canada-EU cooperation

The minutes of the meeting will be available soon


The first meeting of the INCO (International Cooperation) Working group took place in Brussels on the 29th April 2015, chaired by Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos. The principle objectives of this meeting were:

  • To develop a strategy and approach for supporting and achieving internation cooperation activities on aquaculture within EATiP. The scope covered by the meeting included:
    1. Atlantic Ocean Cooperation between EU, USA and Canada
    2. EU-ASEAN Cooperation
  • To formulate recommendations for follow-up actions to the EATiP Board and subsequently to the European Commission

 Please find below the  considerations and full report of the meeting.


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Attendance INCO WG 29/04/15  Download (218,577 kb)
Attendance list - 29/04/2015
Meeting report 29 April 2015  Download (227,424 kb)
Agenda and report of the 1st meeting of the INCO WG

EATiP Working Group on International Cooperation, 22 October 2015