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This page gives access to the complete Vision document of EATiP - the Future of European Aquaculture - as well as versions translated into Spanish and Hungarian.

The Future of European Aquaculture 

El Futuro de la Acuicultura Europea - Spanish 

Az Európai akvakultúra jövõje - Hungarian


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VISION  Download (9,668453 Mb)
EATiP Vision - The Future of European Aquaculture

 Strategic Research Agenda
 TA 1. Product quality, Consumer Safety & Health
 TA 2. Technology & Systems
 TA 3. Managing the Biological Lifecycle
 TA 4. Sustainable Feed Production
 TA 5. Integration with the Environment
 TA 6. Knowledge Management
 TA 7. Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare
 TA 8. Socio-economics, Management & Governance
"If aquaculture did not exist we would have to invent it"
Commissioner Maria Damanaki, DG MARE. 2010