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 Strategic Research Agenda
 TA 1. Product quality, Consumer Safety & Health
 TA 2. Technology & Systems
 TA 3. Managing the Biological Lifecycle
 TA 4. Sustainable Feed Production
 TA 5. Integration with the Environment
 TA 6. Knowledge Management
 TA 7. Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare
 TA 8. Socio-economics, Management & Governance
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 Freshwater Workshop
 BECOTEPS Final Event: Unlocking the potential of bioeconomy
 Introducing the EATiP
 Aquaculture in 2030
 Aquaculture in the reform of the CFP
 EU Policies & aquaculture
 EATIP Presentations Members Only
 EATIP Meetings
 1st Stakeholders Meeting, March 2007
 2nd Stakeholders Meeting, November 2007
 1st AGM, February 2009
 2nd AGM, June 2010
 3rd AGM, March 2011
 4th AGM, June 2012
 5th AGM, September 2013 Members Only
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 Outputs of aquaculture research funded by the EU
 Vision, SRIA & PoA Members Only
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 Thematic Areas
 TA 1. Product quality, Consumer Safety & Health Members Only
 TA 2. Technology & Systems Members Only
 TA 3. Managing the Biological Lifecycle Members Only
 TA 4. Sustainable Feed Production Members Only
 TA 5. Integration with the Environment Members Only
 TA 6. Knowledge Management Members Only
 TA7. Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare Members Only
 TA8. Socio-economics, Management & Governance Members Only
 Meetings Members Only
 Description of Work Members Only
 Background documents
 Thematic Workshops
 Marine Coldwater
 EATiP Vision and SRIA