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The rapid development of Mediterranean aquaculture is increasingly confronted with a set of difficulties such as inadequate production systems, competitiveness and interaction with other users of a limited natural resource.
Aquaculture development in the Mediterranean countries is characterised by a wide range of consumer preferences, and diverse levels of maturity in respect to research and development structures and capacities. Coastal zones are of strategic importance to the EU. Many European citizens live, holiday, and work in these areas. They are a major source of our food and raw materials. They provide a vital function for the transport and trade industries, and they feature some of our most valuable habitats. Consequently, a strategy for a sustainable development of the activity based on a sound knowledge base has to be implemented using a flexible and concerted approach. The aquaculture industry is ready and willing to address the major challenges of coastal zone integration, environmental considerations, and inaccurate perceptions of product quality.

AQUAMED will make a real contribution to strengthening the links between the major research organisations and key stakeholders across the whole Mediterranean region by setting up a multi-stakeholder platform. The platform will work to promote innovative research and focus on the most relevant issues needed to sustain Mediterranean aquaculture. It will also strengthen the Mediterranean partnership (EU and non-EU countries) in developing common projects and plan for the challenges Mediterranean aquaculture face now and in the future based on the principle of “mutual benefit”.

Scientific Project Coordinator: Jean-Paul BLANCHETON
Laboratoire Aquaculture Languedoc-Roussillon, Station IFREMER de Palavas, Chemin de Maguelone, 34250 Palavas les Flots

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The future of research on aquaculture in the Mediterranean region