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EATIP's Mirror Platforms

Mirror Platforms in Europe 

Follow the work of the Mirror Platforms through the dedicated Working Group 

HATIP - Hellenic Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform  

The Hellenic Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform will ensure communication and cooperation in a wide forum comprehending the industry, the academia and research community and including all stakeholders with direct interest to the Greek Aquaculture sector in order to define the research priorities and to design the national strategy for the research, innovation and technological development for a sustainable future.

Platform for Fish Farming Technology Development in Hungary

The Department of Aquaculture of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences of SZIU has won support for its project proposal entitled Platform for Fish Farming Technology Development in Hungary (MHTFP) submitted to the Hungarian Technology Platform call announced by the National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH) in 2007. The objectives of the platform include the involvement of all participants of the product chain, initiation of dialogs, assessment of problems, ideas and demands of the sector and to find the answers to the questions and suggestions in the area of research, development, innovation and education. Participants of the sectors may have different interests but united they can have a serious impact on the enforcement of their claims. Ultimately, they can become integral part of the international aquaculture community with a significant lobbyist power.

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PTEPA is the first national platform representing the entire value chain of the sector. Fisheries, Aquaculture, Products Processing and Commercialisation.

The Platform is a meeting place for all actors involved (spacing from the academia and the research sector to the industry and the government), where each actor plays a fundamental role in the development and achievement of the recommendations concerning RTD and Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The main objective of the Spanish Technology Platform for Fisheries and Aquaculture is to bring together all stakeholders and reach consensus in the prioritisation of research and technology needs for the future and to coordinate private and public national investments in R&D.

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TECNOPEIXE is aiming to achieve the effective integration of research efforts among all stakeholders in the fisheries sector in Galicia, applying increasing knowledge to improve its development, ensuring the industry's competitiveness and sustainability of resources and a high standard of product quality and improving conditions for eveyone involved in the activity so as to help consolidate and strengthen its leadership position at both regional and European levels.

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KNAQ - The Compentence Network Aquaculture

The Competence Network Aquaculture (Kompetenznetzwerk Aquakultur, KNAQ) is the supportive stakeholder network for the aquaculture competence center of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The competence center is the umbrella under which the leading research and development institutions of Schleswig-Holstein have joined forces to promote scientific excellence and the development of cutting edge technology in the field of aquaculture. 

In the year 2016, KNAQ counts more than 350 active participants from all stakeholder groups. KNAQ is a supportive structure for the sustainable development of aquaculture in the federal state Schleswig-Holstein. It is committed to the principles outlined in the state aquaculture strategy (Strategie zur Entwicklung einer nachhaltigen Aquakultur in Schleswig-Holstein) und supports its implementation. It recognizes the innovative types of aquaculture, as outlined i.a. in various federal and state level strategy processes (e.g. biotechnology, biomass, energy, agriculture, maritime spacial planning, environmental protection). KNAQ is a platform for technology transfer between industry and science in SH. It is independent, interdisciplinary, inclusive and stakeholder oriented.

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NCE AQUATECH CLUSTER - World Class Aquaculture Technology

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