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EATiP Missions

Following initial scoping meetings that were held with Vietnamese and Chinese aquaculture representatives and networks during 2012, it has been agreed that EATiP representatives will follow up by making fact-finding missions to Asia.

A visit to China took place in May 2013.

The main objectives was to identify opportunities and threats associated with Asian-European aquaculture industry cooperation. The ASEM Aquaculture Platform feels that there are obvious mutual benefits in the cooperation between the Asian and European aquaculture sectors, ranging from formulation of joint research goals, development of common solutions to shared problems, harmonisation of policy and regulations, and - last but not least - opportunities for business cooperation in both directions.

EATIP – AqASEM explorative mission to China 

The EATIP “Asia Desk” arranged a stakeholder meeting with key partners from China and map opportunities for interaction and cooperation between both regions.
The intended outcome of the meeting was the development of action plans for different industry sectors: production sector, hardware industry, feed companies, pharmaceutical companies, processing/retailer sector.

The recommendations were fed directly into the EU’s ongoing formulation of research priorities and related funding for future Horizon 2020 research calls.

The mission focussed on 'Large scale costal integrated marine aquaculture of fish, shellfish and seaweed (technical and socio-economic aspects)'. 

It was organised by ChinaAquaFishNET (CAFnet), ASEM Aquaculture Platform and EATIP
15 Europeans participated in the trip from May 14th till May 20th.

The Programme was as follows:
  • Tue 14/5: departure for Qingdao
  • Wedn 15/5: arrival in Qingdao
       - Afternoon: introduction to the host CAFnet, briefing of the programme
  • Thu 16/5: leave early to Sanggou Bay & Rongcheng
       - Noon: Visit land-based integrated farms and processing plants
  • Fri 17/5: Visit of large offshore farms
  • Sat 18/5: return to Qingdao
    - Noon: round table with Chinese experts (academic, industry, farmers, government sector, …)
  • Sun 19/5: morning – continue round table, finalize recommendations
  • Mon 20/5: return flights

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Programme - Business trip China - May 14-20, 2013

EATiP AqASEM explorative mission to China