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The EURASTiP project aims to create a European-Asian Technology and Innovation Platform.

The European Asian aquaculture Technology and innovation Platform (EURASTiP) is a three year research, development and innovation project, funded through the EU Horizon 2020 programme, and developed in response to EU call “reinforcing international cooperation on sustainable aquaculture production with countries from South East Asia”(see – H2020 SFS-24-2016).  EURASTiP will provide a structured basis for multi-stakeholder dialogue in the aquaculture community, within South East Asia and between South East Asia and the EU.  In order to achieve this, EURASTiP will build on the experience of the European Aquaculture Technology and innovation Platform (EATiP),the  ASEM aquaculture platform and the individual EURASTiP consortium partners.

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EC Funded exchange opportunities through EURASTiP 

Are you interested in pursuing an opportunity for your European company or organisation to connect with south-east Asia (or vice versa) and to develop and exploit opportunities in the sustainable aquaculture sector?

Bursaries of up to €3000 are available per exchange (subject to eligibility criteria) to support international innovation and collaboration.

The first of three calls is now live, with submissions being open until midnight on the 29 February 2018. 

Please visit and the tab ‘exchanges’ for more information and to learn more about the application process. 



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Funded Exchanges EURASTiP 1st Call  Download (662,137 kb)
EC Funded exchange opportunities through EURASTiP

EC funded exchange opportunities through EURASTiP : read more