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A Review of the EATiP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

10 years on from its initial concept, EATiP has become an official European Technology Platform that is active in promoting innovation challenges and solutions, collaborating with a broad spectrum of interests to raise aquaculture to the highest rank in food and biomass production.

5 years on from the completion of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the Board of EATiP wished to review the concrete progress made on achieving its initial objectives.  As you will see in this review, while significant advances have been made, new objectives and challenges have been identified and developed. 

Achieving the goals identified in this review and aligning these with the objectives of EATiP and the strategic direction for developing European aquaculture, incorporating new skills and approaches, will give the strongest support for the progress and growth that is needed. 


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A Review of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Our Vision for the future of European Aquaculture - 2017